itsme(いつみ) が制作に関わった作品を中心に、いろいろ。

Abcde - Lyrics (Original, Romaji and English)




題名は アブシディ(Ab-siddy) と読んでみてください。
英語はお友達の StainedKleaver484 に添削をお願いしました。



最後まで聴いてくれて ありがと



同じ口で言う 都合いいね
「クズ」から産まれといて 可哀相に……

ダブルスタンダード だいたいそんなもの



譬え話だけ見入って責め 論破したった! って








saigo made kiitekurete arigato

"noh aru taka desu" tsume wo misetsukeru
(sawaccha dame na yatsu) soh mirareteru
"ore ga inakya dame" nante harikitte
(hayaku kaereyo) tte omowarete
wazawaza kuroh sithe kachi sageteiku
sore de iindesuka
sorenara ii kedo

koko de nankai inaotte ibatte koe araragetatte
shosen kimi mo boku mo ido no naka
amai aisu no aji ni oborete raritte odottatte
mijime na puraido mitasu dake daro

"danjo byohdoh" to "otoko nandakara..."
onaji kuchi de iu tsugoh ii ne
"on-na wa kuzu" da to shitta fuu ni ikimaite
"kuzu" kara umaretoite kawaisoh ni...

teedo no sa wa aredo ningen son-na mono
daburusutandaado daitai son-na mono


"kawaisoh" tte "sono kurai yattagetara” tte iun-nara
jah anata ga kawari ni yattekure
sore ga dekinai muri tte asette hitei shiyagan-nara
temee ga dekinee koto oshitsuken-na

tatoebanashi dake miitte seme ronpa sitatta! tte
ji ga yomeru dake ja ikitekenai yo?
jibun no kangaekata katametakute hito tayottatte
sagashikata katayottecha sebamaru dake

nankai inaotte ibatte kowashituduketatte
kizuke kimi mo boku mo ido no naka
soto e dete hajimete fukan shi satottesimaeyo
kagami ni mukatte tsuba haiteru koto

"tatoeba" tte shitatte
"jiga ga yohtee. semeyo"
tte jibun no kata de mikata ga sebamaru dake

kowashitudukete kizuke
kiyo mo itonashi
deae, kuusai
omae mo kagami
numi wa tsuba haiteru koto





Thank you for hearing me to the very end

"I am a clever cat,"
If you say this while showing your hidden claws off,
(You're so cringey,)
We'd feel

"No progress is possible without me,"
If you underestimate others and say this in your head,
(You can leave,)
We'd feel for some reason

They disgrace themselves
Going so far as making great efforts for it
Are they really happy with it?
If so, that's fine
I don't mind

No matter how many times
We laugh in each other's faces,
Brag of our status,
Or raise our voices in rage
It’s sad to say but we both are staying in the valley
No matter how much we get high on sweet ice
Which makes us dance in a trance
It can only fill our tiny self-esteem tank

There're people who claim "gender equality;"
Nevertheless, say things like "... though you're a male"
These come out of the same mouth
How convenient for them

There're people who yell
"Women are the lowest of the low"
Like they know all
Yet they had to be born from this “waste”.
I am so sorry about that

That's the way human beings are;
Everyone has double standards
In one way or another
That's about it

But I gotta tell you something

"That's pretty cold-hearted,"
"Why don't you do such easy things for them?"
If you say this to blame me for my decision,
Why don't you go and do it yourself for goodness sake?
If you get upset and f*cking reject my suggestion,
Never force me to do anything
Which you don't wanna do yourself you piece of sh*t

There're people
Who take tropes literally,
Then make smug know-it-all faces
As if they can get the better of utterers
Just cause we can read doesn't always mean we can see the spirit
If they want to depend on others' opinions to defend their view,
Searching for someone
Who shares the same vibes is perfect
Then that someone would be willing to agree with them
Even if they were calling an apple an orange

No matter how many times
We laugh in each other's faces,
Brag of our status,
Or try to break everything we hate
Wake ourselves
Both you and me are staying in the same valley
We should get over the hill
And see the big picture,
So we can have an epiphany
That we're just spitting at the mirror

"This is just an example,"
When I first tell you,
"I won't listen to your excuses
Everybody, let's make an offensive move,"
You sing out in a small cage
That just narrows your brain;
Narrows down your friends

Realize that both praising and blaming
Are things that definitely won't fade
As you keep breaking everything you hate

Come out and enter the fray, Nevaeh
You are also the mirror image
The point is that
You are spitting out all around, mate